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Despite its short history, the graduate program in chemistry has grown tremendously since the establishment of Master's degree program in 1987 and Ph.D. program in 1989.
The aim of the graduate program in chemistry is to train people who are equipped with fundamental knowledge through education and research, who are able to perform individual and original research through latest and specialized laboratory training, who can independently understand, analyze, and solve problems in industries and institutes after graduation.
The department of chemistry offers graduate programs in physical chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. Each discipline has excellent faculty members and provides education and research with its own characteristic view on the structure and change of matter, which is the essence of chemistry.
Physical chemistry studies molecules' structure and dynamics using theoretical methods such as ab initio, DFT, and MQDT based on quantum mechanics, and experimental methods such as laser spectroscopy and various surface analysis techniques. Organic chemistry studies traditional organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, and synthesis of new useful organic materials. Analytical chemistry deals with electro-analytical chemistry, energy conversion, and catalytic electrodes. Inorganic chemistry studies synthesis of new inorganic materials, especially synthesis, characterization, and reactions of nanoparticles that play key roles in material science.
To support the research and education in various disciplines of chemistry, the chemistry department is well equipped with latest instruments and updating every year, including single crystal X-ray diffractometer, 400 MHz NMR, ESR, UV-VIS, fluorometer, HPLC, GC/MS, AA, FT-IR, tunable laser system, TG/DTA/DSC, potentiostat/galvanostat, and impedance analyzer.

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